World’s smallest flowering plant – Wolffia species!

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The world is a mysterious place with a lot of unknown things. This series is to undiscover some of such unknown plants. This time let us put some light on ‘Wolffia species’!

The curious and the cutest thing about these plants is that they are very small! In fact, they’re the world’s smallest flowering plant! How small are they? Well…
FInd an “o” on this page
Imagine two specks inside that “o.” Two adultWolffias could fit inside of that “o”! Also, if you looked back in 30-36 hours, there might be four of them! They reproduce really fast. One more thing: they don’t have leaves, stems, or roots, though they sometimes sport a tiny flower with one stamen and one pistil.

If you’ve been to a pond or a river on any continent there’s a decent chance you’ve encountered them, perhaps under the name “duckweed.” Several Asian species are skimmed off the water and eaten, or fed to animals; they are 40% protein.

Hope this was useful to you. Next time we will meet you with yet again a different plant! Till then happy farming! Thank you!

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