What is Themor Karaisal and How to Make it?

What is Thermor Karaisal and How to make it?
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In the past few post I have mentioned some mixes for plant nourishment again and again. A friend of mine questioned me like “Have you ever posted on how to make these mixes?” I said no I haven’t yet. For which he again asked me “Then how do you propose that the people who read your blog will use them?” Hearing this a light bulb went on in my brain and here after I will be posting some organic mixes for plant nourishment and for pest control.

In this post I am going to share on What is Themor Karaisal and on How to prepare it.

What is Themor Karaisal?

A lot of you who are my English readers (and yeah this is a bilingual blog I also post everything in Tamil as well. You can read it here.) might be wondering about this from reading this in my previous posts. Themor Karaisal is the Tamil name for Coconut milk(Thengai) and Buttermilk(Mor) mix and that’s exactly what it is.  This mix has nothing other the ingredients mentioned above(some water maybe).

I am not sure if this mix has any English term for it. If you could pick one what would that be? Comment it in the comments section below!

What is the use of Themor Karaisal?

pic by: Sriranga Rao

The most important part of any horticultural plants is the production of flowers which then turn to fruits or vegetables. Each of these cycle is important in any plant’s/tree’s life. It also shows how well we have taken care of the plant.

In some cases the plant might not produce expected flowers or the flowers might fall resulting in very low to no produce. This might be due to water scarcity, weak seeds or weak land.

Themor Karaisal solves exactly these problems.

How? You ask?

Well the answer according to organic farmers is pretty simple. Plants takes humungous amount of energy during flowering. The nutrition is sucked from the ground through the roots and then is transported to the flower buds through the trunk, the stems and the branches. A weak plant or a plant with very little watering might not crack this up.

Themor Karaisal solves this by boosting photosynthesis and by providing nutrition directly through leaves. This reaches the buds much more easily than from roots. Thus helping in growth of buds and preventing them from falling. This eventually results in increased produce.

How to make Themor Karaisal?

This is pretty simple.

  • The first step is preparing buttermilk which is 60% of the mix.
  • The buttermilk should be left to ferment for 5 days.
  • It should be fermented so much that sour smell should make to close your nose when you open the lid.
  • Then on the sixth day prepare some fresh coconut milk which is the remaining 40% of the mix
  • If you are going to make 1 liter the mix then 600ml must be buttermilk and the remaining 400ml should be coconut milk.
  • If you can’t get enough coconut milk you can add some water for remaining part.
  • Now mix them both and let them ferment for another 4 days.

There you go. You have now got the recipe for the magic mix.


How to use Themor Karaisal?

Themor Kasaial is sprayed onto the leaves. For 1 litre of water 50-100ml of the mix is added and sprayed. The amount of karaisal mixed depends upon the need of the plants. If a plant does not flower at all then you can add 75-100ml. If you want to increase the amount of flowers and to reduce the falling, then you can add 50-75ml of karaisal.

  • Prepare the mix just before the flowering season and spray it in the right time.
  • Spray the mix in evening in such a way that the mix drips of the leaves. This is to give the spray some time to immerse in leaves.
  • If a tree flowers only on one side then you can spray this mix to the part that is not flowering.
  • You can also spray another time once the flowers have bloomed to make them stay where they are.

That is all. Let me know if this works. Let know about the mixes you want to know about. Do you have another great tip to add? Mention them below in the comments. Have questions? You can contact me through contact page or by clicking the WhatsApp Icon that is on the left side of the screen. You can mention your doubts in comments so that everyone who reads can also gain information from it.

I am getting great responses from you guys. Thank you so much for all the support!

Hope this post is useful to you. If you find this interesting share it with your circle lets spread some Organic Love!

Let us plant together and grow together!

This is a bilingual post. இதனை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும்.

15 thoughts on “What is Themor Karaisal and How to Make it?

    1. Yes Mathi you can. The general use is to improvise the plants health by inducing nutrition through the leaves. So you can do as you wish.

    1. That is not fungus, those are Mealy Bugs. You can prepare a spray with Soap-Neem Oil-Water and spray it over the infested area 3-Times a day for three days.

  1. Hi Santhosh! Thanks for your work on this website! For Europeans without coconut trees nearby – can you use canned coconut milk and ready made butter milk? Thanks from far north (Germany)! Jan

    1. You can use canned coconut milk I guess but I am not sure about the ready made butter milk. Here we call the diluted version of Curd as butter milk I am not sure if that is the case there! If so then you can give it a try and let me know if it works. All the best.

    1. You can give them monthly once or twice or if you are sure about the flowering seasons of your plants you can increase the frequency during those period

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