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Top 6 easy Flowering plants for Rainy season in India

Top 6 easy Flowering plants for Rainy season in India
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It’s the onset of monsoon and I am receiving a ton of request to post on some easy(growing) flowering plants. It’s been a while since I have posted on flowering plants. What great time is there than monsoon season to talk about them. With onset of monsoon, if you could just take some time to relish the beauty of the color it brings along with it, you’d know what I am talking about.

With fresh green leaves sprouting which obviously must melt down our hearts, just image how beautiful would it be to decorate them along with some colorful flowers. As requested I am going to share some easy growing plants that bloom like crazy in monsoon. Come on let’s dig on it…

Pic by: Mani Bhaskar


This is one of my all-time favorite. This simply is a very hardy plant with tender stems. They don’t care about soil strength and stuff. If you plant them they do their job which is to flower. The flowers bear double petals and come in an array of colors but are partially hidden by large attractive leaves with pronounced veins. Balsams come in white, red, orange, yellow, violet, and pink.

Apart from enjoying the beauty why not bring some of that kid inside you? Along with the flowers they produce a seed pod which will burst on maturity and is quite fun to play with it. I used to walk by this house during my school days which had a very beautiful balsam garden. Imagine a garden that is lined with different colors of the same plant. That when I started growing them. (I begged the old man for some seeds! Aahhh good old days.)

Pic by: Subash BGK


Marigold is another easy grown plant. This plant usually flowers more in summer. However it is good thing that these can be planted in monsoon. You would have known about its propagation. They have seeds at the base of every petals. If you just take a withered flower and sprinkle the petals on soil you would have plants in few days. These flower in rainy seasons too but not that much when compared to summer. When flowering the whole plants looks so beautiful.    


Hibiscus is a year-rounder. It blooms all year round but its flowers are a bit more vibrant in the gloomy monsoon climate. With the water droplets dripping from the wide bloom, they are perfect plants to appreciate and enjoy rain. Also there are numerous varieties to choose from.

Tecoma stans
Pic by: Enrique Braña

Yellow Bells

Yellow Bells or (Thanga Arali) Tecoma stans is acquiring popularity in recent time. These too bloom year around. They look so lush especially in rainy season. They grow as a big bush. They can decorate the entrances of your gardens or homes. They are hardy plants. They grow so easily that people plants them on road sides with zero care. We have one of these at our entrance.

Button rose     

Button rose or miniature rose is yet another plant that gives you plenty. These are similar to roses but are lusher. My mom got one of these on the way from Bangalore. We had it in pots and during monsoon it used to blossom like crazy. If someone suddenly sees your plant they might take it for a flower vase. The whole plant will be covered with tiny-tiny (cutie- cutie) roses with rain drops on them(Just Imagine!)

Learn How to Grow Miniature Roses and How to Care for Miniature Roses

Potrulaca – But Rose

I have to say this was my first plant and am sure that almost all gardeners might have grown this. But-roses are actually succulents. These have succulent leaves and bloom very beautifully. They can be grown on walls, hanging baskets, lawn wherever you can. They don’t need that much attention. There are numerous varieties in Potrulaca. They differ in petals, leaf structure and color. You just need to get a cutting and plant them in soil.     

I know this might be a little list but these are the plants that I have grown and known them. So I can recommend them without hesitation.

Do you have any other plant that blooms during monsoon plant?

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