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Top 18 Medicinal Uses of Pirandai(Adamant Creeper)

Top 18 Medicinal Uses of Pirandai(Adamant Creeper)
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Pirandai is one of the most common herbs that you might have heard. It’s one of the miracle herb that is found in ancient Tamil scripts and are supposed to cure more than 300 diseases from head to toe.

Recently I met with an accident and my mom got this herb continuously from our relatives in country side. She said that pirandai has some miracle ability to mend broken bones and I ate(Thanks to my mom! It was made delicious too. Otherwise who would have eaten after hearing the word herb?).

Believe it or not by eating this along with other natural medicinal foods and by the grace of God, I was able to recover very quickly. Even the doctors were surprised to see my healing rate. Then I started to gather more info on this plant. I was already growing this in a grow bag and what I have learned this far have encouraged me to write this post.

Common and Scientific Names:

Its Scientific Name is Cissus quadrangularis. Pirandai is the Tamil name. It is commonly called “Adamant Creeper | Devil’s Back Bone | Veldt Grape” in English and it is called Hadjod in Hindi, Nalleru in Telugu, Peranda in Malayalam, Vajraballe in Kannada.

Common dishes using Pirandai:

There are two major parts of this plant. one is the succulent part which is the part we use majorly in cooking and another part is the leaf that are not found in abundant they are also used in cooking. You can make the following dishes to make the herb easy for consumption:

  • Pirandai Rasam
  • Pirandai thogayal/Chatni
  • Pirandai Podi
  • Pirandai salt
  • Pirandai Vatral/Pappads
  • Pirandai Pickle
  • Pirandai Curry

I will come up with another post on details of the recipes and other info on Pirandai soon. Lets see the top 18 medicinal benefits of pirandai.

Pirandai Medicinal Uses:

1. Pirandai for Preventing premature aging of Skin:

Pirandai has wonderful antioxidant properties and great helps reduce free radicals that are responsible for the premature ageing of our skin and body. The antioxidant property is attributed mainly due to the presence of high amount of beta carotene in pirandai plant.

2. Pirandai for Healing Bones:

As a said, Pirandai has been used for bone healing for centuries and here in Tamil Nadu, it is quite famous for it. Both external application and internal consumption helps with healing bone fractures. Here we apply pirandai poultice and we also consume it internally. The reason it is so effective is due to the presence of high amounts of phytoestrogenic steroids, calcium and phosphorus which helps with fast bone healing.

3. Pirandai for Ulcer:

Another interesting use of pirandai is it helps heal ulcers really well. If you are a person who is suffering from ulcer, I would suggest including pirandai in your diet regularly. The reason it is so effective for treating ulcer is due to the presence of sitosterol and triterpenoids found in pirandai. These are a natural enemy of the bacteria that causes peptic ulcer.

4. Pirandai for Anti Inflammatory & Analgesic Properties:

Pirandai has wonderful anti inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties that helps reduce pain and inflammation really well. The anti inflammatory property is due to the presence of flavonoids in pirandai. Calcium oxalate, carotene, tetra terpenoids, amyrin and beta sitosterol are some of the compounds responsible for the analgesic properties.

5. Pirandai for Menopausal Women:

Many elder women suffer from menopause symptoms like joint pain, hot flashes, etc. One of the treatments suggested for it is hormone replacement therapy which helps balance the estrogen and progesterone levels. But though hormone replacement therapy is effective in relieving the symptoms of menopause, it also comes with lot of side effects like bloating, headache, nausea, etc. But there are herbs like pirandai which has estrogenic properties but without any side effects.

6. Pirandai for Preventing Osteoporosis:

Another very important benefit of pirandai is it greatly helps with bone growth. This is very significant as more and more women are suffering from osteoporosis. In fact pirandai has been shown to help in fetal bone development if pregnant women consume pirandai.

There is famous saying in Tamil it quotes “pulla petha vayitha perandayaala adi” which literally translates to beat the belly of the women who just gave birth. Seems like a little harsh right? Actually the correct meaning is you can beat the weak uterus of an new mother buy giving her pirandai as it strengthens it.

7. Pirandai for Weight Loss:

Traditionally pirandai is used for reducing excessive weight. Though exercise and health diet is key to lasting weight loss, consuming herbs that greatly aids weight loss will help speed up the process. Pirandai if had regularly will help reduce weight, and it not only helps reduce weight, it also helps lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

8. Pirandai for Diabetics:

Pirandai is very good for diabetics as it not only reduces blood sugar levels but helps prevent many of the complications associated with diabetes. Pirandai modulates the activity of carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes thus reducing the blood glucose levels. If you are a diabetic patient who is suffering from high blood sugars consuming pirandai on a regular basis will help maintain stable blood sugar.

9. Pirandai for Stomach Disorders:

Chutney (type of gravy) made from Pirandai (as prepared by households in South India), can be consumed twice a week to remove gastritis and intestinal disorders.

10. Pirandai for Boosting immunity

Veldt grape contains ascorbic acids, also called as vitamin C, helps to strengthen your immune system. It boosts the production of white blood cells that helps to fight pathogens and harmful bacteria/viruses.

By SKsiddhartthan – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=60446474

11. Pirandai for Respiratory and other ENT problems

Juice prepared from raw herb is recommended for consumption to cure bleeding nose, respiratory problems and asthma. It is also used to stop pus in the ears.

12. Pirandai for Piles

Piles is a word that directly translates to pain and suffering. But, don’t you worry! Pirandai is there for rescue. Consume the leaves of the herb fried in ghee to cure fistula and bleeding piles.

13. Pirandai for Gastritis, Indigestion & Lack of Appetite:

Pirandai thogayal treats all digestion related problems like gastritis, indigestion and lack of appetite. Pirandai thogayal can be made in matter of minutes and tastes really good. This thogayal gives best results if consumed weekly twice, especially if you suffer from indigestion, gastritis or if you are a person who eats out a lot

14. Pirandai for For Fatigue and Tiredness

Are you constantly tired and don’t feel like doing anything? Then this is for you. Consuming Pirandai regularly will help in fighting fatigue and tiredness. It will stimulate energy and give briskness.

15. Pirandai for Bowel Infection

Dried and powdered Leaves and young shoots are powerful alternatives in bowel infections connected with indigestion Pirandai is said to posses antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, anthelmintic, antihemorrhoidal and analgesic activities also used for curing the weakness due to prolonged illness.

16. Pirandai for Booting Memory and Mental wellness

This herb yet another great trick up its sleeve. Eating pirandai helps increasing the memory power and also strengthens the neurons in the brain. Thus making us a bit more quick, reflexive and smart.

17. Pirandai for Stimulating Appetite and Taste buds

Apart from helping in reducing weight and curing stomach problems, Pirandai also helps you to live healthy but stimulating the appetite and the taste buds to enjoy your food.

18. Pirandai for Preventing Cancer

We used to add lot of turmeric in our food. That used to have anti-cancer properties and thus helped us from cancer. But, today they the turmeric powder we use is treated with IR rays to increase its shelf life. Still, nature always has an alternative. Eating pirandai helps in preventing gastric and intestinal cancers.

Whoa that is a whole lot of uses from a simple plant right! Then is it not smart of us to keep it by hand? Why don’t you start growing it?

Do you have another great use to add? Mention them below in the comments. Have questions? You can contact me through contact page or by clicking the WhatsApp Icon that is on the left side of the screen.

I am getting great responses from you guys. Thank you so much for all the support!

Hope this post is useful to you. If you find this interesting share it with your circle lets spread some Organic Love!

Let us plant together and grow together!

This is a bilingual post. இதனை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும்.

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