Top 16 Medicinal Uses of Thiruneetru Pachai (Sweet Basil)

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Have you ever heard of the herb Thiruneetru pachai? Most of us wouldn’t have. But what if I told you that this is a Basil that is native to Indian grounds! Thiruneetru pachai is a variety of Basil(Sweet Basil) that is commonly found in India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Even though the herb belongs to Basil family it is not widely used in cuisines as it other kins. Let us see about some of the uses of this herb.

Medicinal uses of Sweet Basil

Sweet basil is a common medicinal herb and used in treatment of various diseases from time immemorial. The leaves of plant contain methylchaylcol, linalol, eugenol, thymol and xanthamicrol. The juice extracted from fresh leaves is folk medicine to treat respiratory disorders, fever, ear pain etc.

The flowers of plant are stimulant, carminative, antispasmodic, diuretic, and demulcent. Seeds are antidysenteric. The Juice obtained from leaf is antibacterial. The essential oil obtained from plant is antibacterial, anti-fungal and insecticidal.

Basil Seeds (Sabja Seeds)

The seeds of sweet basil are very famous here in India and we call it sabja seeds. The  seeds are used to make desserts, especially the most delicious, healthy and wonderful Jigirthanda. Sabja seed is a wonderful body coolant that has wonderful health benefits. Sweet basil is widely used in cooking all over the world but here in India, only the sweet basil seeds are used in desserts like mentioned before and rarely use sweet basil leaves in day to day Indian cooking.

Here are Top 16 Medicinal uses of Sweet basil.

1. Pachilai for Acne and Pimples

Basil leaves like holy basil leaves can be used for treating acne scars. To treat acne scars, collect fresh basil leaves and crush it together along with very little boiled water to get a thick juice and apply it over the scars. Do it daily to see good results. Pimples can be treated by applying a mixture of powdered vasambu and the leaf juice of thiruneetru pachai.

2. Pachilai for Anxiety & Stress:

Sweet basil has a wonderful calming scent and you can make the best use of it by drying the sweet basil flowers and leaves and making small scented sachets  of them. The scent will calm anyone…

3. Pachilai for Ear Infection:

Like garlic oil, basil leaves can be used for ear infection. Get the raw juice as mentioned in earlier and apply it in the inside of the ear for ear pain or ear itching. One drop/Time two times/day.

4. Pachilai for Mouth Ulcers:

Chewing on the fresh basil leaves is a good remedy for mouth ulcers. Whenever you find yourself with mouth ulcers, try to get a handful of fresh basil leaves, chew slowly and swallow the leaves.

5. Pachilai for For Insect Bites:

For insect bites, basil leaves can be used very effectively. Try to collect fresh leaves, crush between your hands and apply on the bitten area. This is a very simple first aid for insect bites(like scorpion sting) that is very effective.

6. Pachilai for For Skin Infection:

The leaves when applied directly on the skin along with turmeric is very good remedy for minor skin infections. For the remedy take a handful of the fresh leaves and grind it along with a small piece of fresh turmeric and apply on the skin infection.

7. Pachilai for For Headache:

Basil leaves when ground together with few drops of camphor essential oil and a small piece of kasthuri turmeric and applied on the forehead as a poultice is a very good remedy for sinus headaches.

8. Pachilai Leaves For Hair:

Like other herbs we can make basil oil using fresh basil leaves for hair. Grind the fresh basil leaves and extract the juice. Add equal quantity of unrefined coconut oil and heat till there is no moisture left, strain and you have wonderful basil oil that can be used for all hair preparations.

9. Pachilai Seeds For Beating The Heat:

As mentioned earlier basil seeds are called as sabja seeds in India. The seeds are soaked in hot water for 5to 10 minutes, the water is then drained and the seeds are added to a whole cup of grass fed milk along with homemade rose syrup and rose petals jam and the cool rejuvenating drink is ready. It can be taken cold and is an effective remedy for stomach burn and it is also a wonderful drink that helps to beat the heat.

10. Pachilai Steam:

If you are suffering from nose congestion try basil leaf steam. Boil water in a pan and once it comes to a boil add a handful of fresh basil leaves and few drops of pure eucalyptus essential oil to it and use it for steaming.

11. Pachilai for stomach Problems:

Drinking tea made from sabja seeds helps in curing stomach problems and also helps in better urination. Taking pachilai juice along with equal amount of honey can help in treatment of gastric problems. Drinking tea made from the powdered root of this plant helps in cleansing the stomach from worms and also it increases the urine quantity , thus helps in water balance in body.

12. Pachilai for White discharge

Basil leaves are a great solution for the problem of white discharge. For treating white discharge, five fresh leaves are consumed in the morning.

13. Pachilai for Labour pain

Labour pain can be devastating. Basil leaves are very good in decreasing the pain of labour. Drinking the tea made from these leaves the labour pain can be reduced significantly. This also eases the delivery.

14. Pachilai for Tiredness after childbirth

Tiredness is one of the aftereffects of childbirth. Thiruneetru pchai handles this also very well. Post delivery drinking one teaspoon of sabja seeds in water reduces the tiredness and soreness of labour.

15. Pachilai for Piles, constipation

Basil can be very effective in treating piles and constipation. In case of piles or constipation, the seeds (1/2 tsp) are taken with one glass of warm water.

16. Pachilai for Vomiting:

Thiruneetru pachai is a good remedy for all kind of vomiting. Especially in treating blood vomiting and vomiting due to kabam. The juice extract is mixed with hot water or the tea made out of its leaves serve this purpose.

Thiruneetru Pachai Herbal tea

For making infusion of leaves or herbal tea, take 1 teaspoon of dried herb or 3 teaspoons of fresh, crushed herb. Cover the leaves with 1 cup of boiling water and brew for few minutes. You may add honey if desired.

This infusion is beneficial in gas, cramps, spasm, nausea, and other digestive troubles. Since it has warming properties, it is also useful in cold, cough and respiratory illness.

Recommended dosage of plant:

Whole plant decoction :50-100 ml;seed 1-3 g powder;1–2 teaspoon juice per cup of water 2–3 times a day.

Side Effects Of Basil:

Basil is said to reduce the blood sugar levels so if you are on diabetic medications please monitor the blood sugar levels carefully. Also if you are taking any medications for a long time, it is advisable to check with your doctor if you are planning on taking sweet basil on a regular basis.

Where to Get Thiruneetru Pachai:

We can get the sabja seeds from nearby country medicine shops. You can get the herb from local nurseries or herbal nurseries or you can grow them from seeds. You can also ask for your friends who are having the herb for seeds or a sapling.

Wit and Wisdom

Where salt is good, so is basil. –Italian saying

We hope this post is useful to you. This is one good plant to have at home isn’t it? We will discuss its growing, and other details in our upcoming posts. If you have any query, or comments or suggestions, feel free to share it in comments.

Isn’t it a crime if we don’t share these great uses of such an awesome herb? Let us not forget – ‘Sharing is Caring!’ Happy Farming!

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    1. Hi Chitra, as I have had no pimples issue personally, I am not sure of the duration it takes. But I have heard that it sure does help. Either way its safe than using chemical right! Why don’t you try it and let us all know the specifics?

    2. Sure ….It is the most effective leaf which I used and benefited …..Go for it…With in a day u will see a diff….Apply it 3-4times directly on pimple..

      1. Thanks for the encouragement Mani. It would very helpful for people looking for proven results.

    1. Yes Mathi you can. Better taste it in before hand, inorder to check if this satisfies your taste pellets.

  1. These leaves can be used to treat eye infection or stye in the eye. The juice is extracted by crushing in the hands & can be applied.

  2. HI thirunetru pachai elai is effective for Heat bumps & pimples? it will help to cure black marks on face? how about itching ? is it more effective for itching skin?

    1. It sure is useful for handling pimples. Though it can be used to lower body heat, I am not sure about the heat bumps. The same is the case for itching and for black marks(But this is very helpful for acne). Why don’t you try this and let us know the results?

  3. Recently I have come across the term Basil roti/chapati which is good for diabetics. which basil is used in this I do not know. Is Thiruneetru Pachilai is Basil used in Italian cooking?

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