The Submarine Plant – Utricularia species

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The world is a mysterious place with a lot of unknown things. This series is to undiscover some of such unknown plants. This time let us put some light on ‘Utricularia species’ A.K.A- ‘The submarine plant’

Bladderworts are found in tropical and temperate ponds all over the world. What makes them at all interesting? Well, they are submersible floating carnivores. They use little air sacs to float when they are blooming, and then when it’s not blooming time they drift underwater like seasonal submarines.

They eat tiny little invertebrates that they suck into their bladders with a vacuum. Beat that, Venus Flytrap. Tiny fish have also been known to trigger the trap.

They are good at surviving just about anywhere (unlike most carnivorous plants). In some places in the United States they have become a pest and humans are trying to get rid of them.

What happens when one floats into the bank of a pond? Well, it will attach itself to the side by extending little needle-like stems. Now this is a plant of awesomeness! Ain’t it? Such a plant has every qualification to be in our series!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Next time we will meet you with yet again a different plant! Till then happy farming! Thank you!

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