The Secret Behind ‘Spices’!

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Indian cuisines always consists of a lot of spices. We all know how they make food tastier but that must not be the only reason to use them right? So we did some research on them.

Here we bring to light about ‘THE SECRETS BEHIND SPICES’.


One of the oldest spices which have a great history in beauty also aids in brain functioning too. It promotes brain health and prevents neurological diseases. The other serious health issues like heart attack and cancer can also be prevented by this.


The almost everyday part of South Indian cuisine has big benefits hidden inside. This mainly aids in stomach related issues.  It protects from gastrointestinal cancer. Other common problems like constipation, piles and fissures can also be cured by mustard.


This smoky smelling spice which increases our appetite has blood purifying properties. It has anti-biotic properties too as it cures bacterial and parasitical diseases.


This spice is mainly used for digestive related problems. Any minor disturbance in the digestive system can be cured by this. It also reduces cholesterol levels. It also promotes milk flow in breast feeding.


This aromatic spice enhances red blood cell production and boosts immunity thus reducing our risk of getting disease prone.

Curry leaves

These green leaves give a fresh taste to our food. As always apart from its flavor it helps to reduce the risk of one the common problems of the world which is diabetes. Curry leaves also helps in keeping us young by preventing greying of hair.

You know you can grow them easily on your own. Click on the link below to learn how.

How to Grow Curry Leaves Organically?

Red chili

The spiciest spice increases appetite if one takes it in small amount. Eating a red chili per day helps us to sleep longer and have a sound sleep.


One of the most aromatic spices adds a rich flavor to the food, its muscle relaxing property helps to cure hiccups. Its antimicrobial properties improve oral health. The pungent taste of cardamom increases salivary flow which prevents dental caries. It also cures bad breath.


Both leaves and seeds of this plant are used to add flavor to food. Coriander increases the level of good cholesterol in our body. It stimulates memory  as it is rich in iron which is important for good brain functioning.


These tiny seeds cure piles. It also cures breathing and lung related problems such as asthma and bronchitis. Cumin can cure insomnia and helps us to get a good sleep.

In our upcoming posts we would like to share on how to grow these plants. So what do you think about this post? Were these info new to you? and hey why not share some of your spicy secrets with us! Write in the comment below about this post. Thank you! Happy Farming!

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