Tea Cup Planters

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Have some old tea cup sets at home? Come on let us put it to some use. Ever thought of the different ways in which tea cups can be used other than serving a drink. Interestingly old or unused tea cups can be turned into planters.

These cute little buddies can make our gardens more attractive despite they also make cute gifts and can save a few pennies.Only tiny plants could be grown in these and they make miniature flower pots.

Here is the list of materials required to make these planters

  • Teacups
  • Pebbles for drainage
  • Potting soil
  • Dry moss
  • Flowers or tiny plants
  • Mini Succulents
  • Floral wires
  • Toothpicks

By these simple steps one can make a tea cup planterfd4f3b3e9d6240b4689fbddf8fe0c55a

STEP 1: Take old or unused teacups along with saucer. Drill a tiny hole at the bottom of the teacup for drainage. The saucer is to hold the water.

STEP 2: Put some tiny pebbles at the bottom of the cup. They help to remove excess water.

STEP 3: Now add garden soil or any type of soil suitable for the plant to be grown. Place the plant to be grown inside it.

It is important to carefully assess the plant species to be placed inside. In general they should not be chosen if they are too large or plants with rapid development. The tea cups are small diameter and the depth is not excessive. Fast growth or worse dimensions are not adequate, they would quickly fail our composition of gardening.

  • Succulents :

The most suitable ones are succulents. Visit the local nursery where tiny succulent plant can be found. Other species mentioned are very small ivy, violets spring, the ficus or primroses. To transplant these plants within the tea cup, one can proceed with a classical transplantation, taking care to arrange at the bottom a little earth, then move the seedling and fill with other specific soil, without going to the brim.

  • Herbs :

    Some herbs like oregano, English mint, chamomile, pineapple sage, and orange mint can be tried. However, the key is not to over sow a multitude of seeds as the cups don’t have much room for the growth of the roots.

    How about adding a spoon for naming the plant it contains. But it goes with your imagination anyway!

  • Flowers: 

    Tiny flowers like roses, other decorative flowers can also be grown in these tiny planter

                                                Cute cups! Could be cuter with your imagination.

These pretty ones can definitely make us do one.  A container garden, bouquet of roses, pot of herbs or daisy topiary is clever ways to give our home a lift.  So take time for creativity and savor the pleasure for months to come.

How about some cute little cost cutting gifts!

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