Plant From Home – How to plant trees from the comfort of your Home?

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These two years have been very difficult for all of us. We are still struggling to get back into action and to gain back our life. In all this confusion, fear and frustration have we forgotten our planet needs us too? 

Being in a Pandemic era might have taught us many things. Personally, Covid has made me think lately about the diseases with which our planet is suffering in all these years. How suffocating it must have been for all the life forms? What sufferings the soil, water and air had to cope up? How life-threatening it must have been for all the wildlife out there? After all, is not Earth a living being like us all?

With this earth day, let us pledge two things

  1. To think about our planet
  2. To take at least one responsibility this year.

Learn more about Earth day and the actions you can take here : 

To help you care I have complied a solution

Top 7 websites were you can Plant from Home

Everyone is aware of our planet’s condition and we all are eager to do something for it. Unfortunately most of the time we don’t find the right channel or time for it. With the restrictions of pandemic we are even afraid to go out. So why not do something from you home? The following are some websites that I have found and have used to contribute my part to my planet.

If you are planning to plant a tree then make sure you know all this before planting

1. Grow

This is one site that I have found to be a very good choice for personal as well as for CSR. 

What it offers:

  • You can create and maintain your own account in which you can track your plantings
  • Greeting someone with trees is also an option here, for which they receive a tree certificate under their name
  • You can start a separate grove to commemorate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or special occasion for yourself or a loved one and invite others to plant trees in the same Grove. 
  • You can even subscribe to plant monthly where the trees you plant are gathered under your treebank and you can gift them to your loved ones too
  • Finally it’s very economical, a tree costs only Rs.85 and there is no minimum limit.
  • I have been using this to greet my friends for sometime now. You too can start!


This is another one of my favorite sites and this is where I began e-planting. This too offers personal and CSR plantings.

What it offers:

  • You can plant a tree right now and then
  • The tree planted is mostly for the benefit of farmers
  • You can select planting trees on ongoing projects which covers all over India
  • You can track the trees in your Forest (yeah I know. It’s cool that you can create your very own real forest) through their mobile app
  • You can even locate the area where it is planted on map
  • You can share the actual picture of the sapling planted to social media


This is another NGO that helps you plant virtually. The main advantage of this site is you can plant globally too

What it offers:

  • You can select various projects they are working on Globally
  • You can start with a single tree
  • It shows you what are all the impacts and uses that your plantation is going to provide.
  • This site also offers monthly subscriptions so that you can make sure that you take actions monthly
  • You can gift the trees as well

4. Team

These guys took the internet by a storm a year back. They teamed up with many YouTube creators and celebrities with a goal of planting 20 million(2 Crore) trees and guess what they have planted 2,28,54,718 trees last year alone.

What they offer:

  • They too have many global projects from which you can choose
  • Each tree costs $1, so you can buy as many as you can
  • They even sell merchandise to promote and support afforestation
  • They have even team with many corporations like Discovery Channel, Verizon etc

5. One Tree

This is yet another NGO that enables you to plant virtually.

What they offer:

  • You can choose from different projects for which you want to contribute.
  • They have the policy of One-Tree – One-Dollar
  • The are focused mainly on global reforestation
  • In Spite of this pandemic situation they have planted more than 10 million trees restoring 15,928 hectares in 28 different countries

6. WWF

WWF stands for World Wildlife Fund. This is a quite known NGO and has been working since 1961

What they Offer:

  • They let you adopt a tree for life and provide you updates on it
  • You can select your own country and your own state and the number of trees you want to plant
  • They also provide other means to support wildlife

7. Green

This is yet another NGO that is performing very well for a long time now. 

What they offer:

  • You can find out about their events and project and volunteer
  • You can even donate for the cause
  • The only catch is that you cannot plant trees or atleast know how many trees would be planted using your donated money.

I hope these sites will be useful for all the nature lovers out there. I urge everybody to plant at least a tree a month and stand by the inner being that is saying to do the right thing even now. Lets starting the plant from home movement with #plantfromhome.

Do you have another site/solution to add? Mention them below in the comments. Have questions? You can contact me through contact page or by clicking the WhatsApp Icon that is on the left side of the screen. You can mention your doubts in comments so that everyone who reads can also gain information from it.

Note: You can click the headings of the website, that will directly take you to the respective website

I am getting great responses from you guys. Thank you so much for all the support!

Hope this post is useful to you. If you find this interesting share it with your circle lets spread some Earthy Love!

Let us plant together and grow together!

This is a bilingual post. இதனை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும்.

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