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If there is one herb that we should all get to know and use it in our daily lives for it’s many health benefits and uses, it is kuppaimeni. It is called “Kuppaimeni” in Tamil because it is a plant that grows everywhere like weed, and need no maintenance at all. Kuppaimeni’s botanical name is Acalypha Indica and it is called “Indian Nettle” in English. On the first onset of rains, you will find kuppaimeni plants propping up all over the place.

Kuppaimeni leaves has amazing health and skin benefits and is used for treating cold, all skin related diseases and even for unwanted hair removal. We get kuppaimeni leaves powder in the markets nowadays . Kuppaimeni is especially useful for treating skin related diseases and we can make a wonderful oil with kuppaimeni leaves.

This oil prevents skin diseases, treats minor infections very quickly and can be easily made at home. This oil has got coconut oil as a base and it has got turmeric powder too. Both coconut oil and turmeric are also very effective in treating skin problems. This oil can be used as a body massage oil and can be used regularly.

This oil can be safely used on young children’s skin too. This oil can be used to treat minor skin infections, small wounds, scrapes and cuts. This oil if used as a body massage oil, will treat and prevent all type of skin diseases.

Kuppaimeni Oil:kuppaimeni5


1. Take fresh kuppaimeni leaves and wash them well to remove the dirt. Take the fresh             leaves in a mixer along with little water and grind to a smooth paste and extract the               juice.

  1. Take the kuppaimeni juice, virgin coconut oil and turmeric powder in a pan.
  2. Start heating the mixture in medium flame. It will start sizzling.
  3. Once the sizzling sound stops, switch off.
  4. Let it cool and strain. Store it in a glass bottle and your homemade very effective body massage oil that prevents skin diseases is ready!


  • Use freshly plucked leaves for best results.
  • Use virgin or homemade coconut oil, especially if you are using it on children.
  • Use organic turmeric powder for making this oil.
  • Store the oil, once it has fully cooled down.

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