How to take care of your plants in summer!

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Woof! The summer heat is on the rise and we all could see the near burning future. Yes the SUMMER IS UP! What about our plants? Can they handle the heat on their own? Containing high potential and efficiency these little manufacturing giants do need our help to cope up with summer. Here are some awesome insights that might help you and your plants to handle the heat stress.

Water Correctly

Watering is essential when it’s hot, but watering correctly is far more important. Watering in the morning or early evening is the best for your garden. Giving them water midday is inefficient and most of it will evaporate before it gets to the roots. Strive for a deep watering two or three times a week. Using a drip irrigation system or a soaker hose will ensure a deep watering, but if you do not have an irrigation system, an overhead sprinkler or hand watering will work, just do it in the cool hours of morning or early evening.


Not Too much Not Too little

Too much water can cause damage to your plants as much as under watering can. Heat and sun exposure will cause leaf wilt, occurring because of transpiration, or when plant releases moisture to protect itself in excessive heat. The leaves are wilting so there is less surface area for the sun exposure. “But,” you say, “they look so thirsty!?” Resist the temptation to water and feel the soil for moisture. Over watering can lead to root rot or fungal diseases (when a plant is continuously over watered, it can deprive the roots of oxygen and promote the growth of fungi in the soil). Don’t worry, your plants will bounce back when the sun goes down.


A thick layer of mulch helps insulate the plant’s roots from both heat and cold. It will also help keep the soil moist. If your garden is prone to extreme temperatures, strive for at least 4-6 inches of mulch in your garden. Straw, pine needles, leaves, and grass clippings make good, inexpensive mulch. Lay it on thick; your plants will love you for it. You can also use them in your container garden.


During extreme heat, plants will cease flowering and can get sunburned. When temperatures get into the mid 90’s Fahrenheit, plants like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants hold back flowering. A good way to remedy this is to give them some shade during the hottest part of the day. You can use a patio umbrella for a small area or a lightweight piece of fabric (like a flat bed sheet) stretched over a trellis to shade sections of your garden.


Choose Heat-Tolerant Plants

There are many plants out there that love the sun and thrive in the intense heat of summer’s peak. With proper hydration and manure, chillies, cucumbers, brinjals and watermelon are ideal plants for the season and can even be grown in pots. Flowering plants will help add some colour to a summer garden. Zinnia, bougainvillea, marigold and roses are some of the blooms that will keep your terrace garden lively through the heat

Take Care of Yourself

Most importantly, make sure you are taking the right safety precautions when out gardening in the heat. Skip the hottest part of the day when doing garden chores and instead head out to the garden in the morning and evening. Work in shorter increments and take regular breaks. Gardening in the summer is a much slower pace; listen to your body if you need to step out in the heat. Apply sunscreen, sun protection lip balm, and wear a hat. Like your plants, be sure to stay hydrated. Sweating will help cool your body down, but you need to keep your body replenished. Water is best for hydration, but you can also quench your thirst with a cool glass of sun tea or lavender lemonade!

Rooftop gardening can cool you down

If you are a novice gardener, or don’t have a ready garden yet, start with planting on the rooftop. The soil will cool your home naturally, and using plastic sheets as a base will help to prevent seepage.

Hope this post is useful to you.Comment us the methods you follow to keep your plants safe during summer.  Enjoy this summer and make your garden to enjoy it too. Happy farming


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