Growing Potatoes(Part -2)

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When growing your own potatoes choose an open position in full sun. Use a well-draining and fertile soil. Avoid soil where potatoes have grown for two years continuously as this will increase the risk of disease. More alkaline soil is preferable while growing potatoes.

Keep the potatoes in cool light place to enhance growing of buds in the potatoes. These are seed potatoes. This process encourages strong shoots to sprout over several weeks to

encourage faster growth and heavier crops once they in the ground.

Every seed potatoes differ in size but they all grow equally well. Planting times are largely dependent on weather and soil conditions. Dig a trench to a depth of about 10cm and place the seed potatoes into the trench with the bud end facing upwards. Fill the trench with soil to cover the potatoes.

As the shoots emerge above ground, to protect them from frosts which blacken the shoots and delay production. Simply cover up with some more soil over the top of the shoots.

The soil must maintain a consistent moisture and humidity throughout the growing period. Water the plant regularly up to 1-2 inches.

Harvesting times will vary depending on the growing season, weather conditions. Start to harvest ‘new potatoes’ when the plants begin to flower, approximately 10-15 weeks from planting.

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