Growing Miniature Roses

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Roses doesn’t it get all gloomy and soft by just hearing the name of it. Now did you know that there are more than a 150 varieties of roses? We are well informed about those large luring petals with sweet fragrance they extend to capture our senses. However, what about the small ones? Yes, the small Miniature ones; The ones that are very cute. Let us see about some common types of miniature roses and how to grow them in this Post.

Selecting the type:

Choosing the toughest part when it comes with these cute minions.We think we can help you up with that. Here are some of the different shades of roses that you may want to decorate your houses with. To see the their pictures do watch the video.

 Some varieties of miniature roses are

  • BOTANICAL NAME           :  Rosa SPIcup

         COMMON NAME               : Cupcake

          COLOR                             :  Pink


  • BOTANICAL NAME           :  Rosa beauty secret

          COMMON NAME              : Beauty secret

          COLOR                              :  Red


  • BOTANICAL NAME           :  Rosa yellow doll

          COMMON NAME              : Yellow doll

          COLOR                              :  Yellow


  • BOTANICAL NAME           :  Rosa winter magic

          COMMON NAME              : Winter magic

           COLOR                             :  Lavender


  • BOTANICAL NAME           :  Rosa autumn splendor

         COMMON NAME               : Autumn splendor

         COLOR                               :  Blend of yellow and red


  • BOTANICAL NAME           :  Rosa hybrid

          COMMON NAME              : Coffee bean

          COLOR                              :  Dark russet

Get the bush of your desired variety from any nearby nursery. You can also propagate them we will see about that in near future.

Suitable spot:

                Roses require special spots as they require good sunlight. Select a suitable spot in your garden where the roses will not be crowded and they get enough sunshine of about 6-8 hours. Some varieties may tolerate partial shade.


Roses need rich and moist soil, so treat your soil with organic compost if needed.


Dig a hole well bigger than the pot in which you have brought the plant. If you are to graft the plant on your own the hole must be more than a foot.  Plant your bush in the hole. Make sure that the roots are well spread and pack the hole with enough soil such that the roots are well in contact with the soil.


These plants require more water, so water them from the base regularly.

Moisture and Fertilizer:

 Place some old leaves or compost around the plant to retain moisture and to control weeds(Mulching). Fertilization is very important. Miniature roses love fertilizers rich in phosphorous. These are perennial crops and bloom in winter and spring.

Selecting containers:

You don’t have any garden space? Don’t worry these guys grow well in containers as well. Any container like old buckets or mud / other pots, which are, at least 15 inches deep can be used.

Drainage holes:

 If the container does not have drainage holes, drill several holes at the bottom and add gravel as the bottom layer to help drainage, which is the standard procedure for almost all the container plants.

That is all! Choose a variety; add compost and garden soil to the pot. Plant the plant, keep it in a suitable spot, and water them well and at regular intervals. We suggest you experiment with a single variety at first once you know the game then you can even mix them.

We will be back with more information about miniature roses in our next post.  Keep giving your support and express  your suggestions…

Thank you!!

 Happy farming

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