Earth day(2017) To-Do lists

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The celebration of Earth Day is on April 22nd and it began in 1970. It has grown into a global event recognized by over 192 countries. Devoting a special day to help the earth is a way to demonstrate how much we care about the future of our planet. No matter what you like to do best, there’s a way to get involved in Earth Day. You could plant a tree, make a meal with locally-grown vegetables, educate a family member, clean up trash in your neighborhood, set up a bird feeder or save power — the possibilities are endless. Remember, you don’t have to wait for Earth Day to show your love for the planet we call home.

Here are some simple things that we can start to do this earth day!

  • Create your own little farm.
  • Create your own little forest.
  • Get your future generation ready.

Create your own little farm

Grow your own food. Looks like fun isn’t it? Sure it is! Do you know this is really easy all you need is to know how you can invest your space and time correctly! Follow our blog to get updates on farming – Tips and techniques! After all life began in a garden!


This way you can be sure that your family gets good fresh food that is free from chemicals. Also, you promote organic chemical free farming and even support earth worms indirectly! In a way you also support prevention of land degradation due to over cropping.

Create your own little forest

Don’t look bewildered! You can make your own forest. Just plant as much as trees as possible. Believe us it is not so tough as it sounds! Trees are our life line they contribute more than any human can to nature. To know about planting trees click here.


Get your future generation ready

This may be the key for ‘the right future’ or should we say ‘the right restoration past’? It is very important to educate our children the next generation about the nature and its importance. We are honor bound to make them realize the real relationship between the man and the nature! To know more about this click here.

Let us all make this day a real turning point to our relation with nature!

Happy earth day to all!

இந்த பதிவை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கே அழுத்தவும்.

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