Growing Potatoes(Part -2)

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LOCATION When growing your own potatoes choose an open position in full sun. Use a well-draining and fertile soil. Avoid soil where potatoes have grown for two years continuously as this will increase the risk of disease. More alkaline soil is preferable while growing potatoes. SEED POTATOES Keep the potatoes in cool light place to […]



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BOTANICAL NAME : Mentha arvensis (field mint (पुदीना/ Pudina,”Podina” in Hindi). It’s fragrant, fast-growing, green, and compliments fruits, vegetables and meats. It’s also its own ice cream flavor. So what’s not to love about mint? If you’ve ever grown the herb, you know where we going with this, but if you haven’t and are interested: read on for […]


Growing Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera)

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  Ashwagandha or Indian Winter Cherry(Amukkra Kizhangu in tamil) is powerful herb that is used for centuries in Ayurveda. This herb comes with the family of tomato and has extraordinary healing effects.   Growing such a powerful plant at our home is actually very simple and it follows a quite normal steps. The botanical name […]