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As you sow so as you reap! 

Sounds like a very timed out proverb, so as our involvement towards agriculture!

Today we are so advanced that a kid can program a robot and a youth have no idea about agriculture. We often forget that our very own survival is dependent on this!

So we thought of solving this problem and we have come up with an idea of seeding our “Nation’s Greatest Minds (ENGINEERS’) with Agriculture!”
Why should Engineers farm?

Why not? The truth is that engineer’s relationship with agriculture started way back when the first man began to cultivate. We are so blind to see the fact that a tractor – an engineering product without which 99% of world would starve right now.

We automate and digitize everything. Why not farming?

So here we are making our first great step towards farming..!


If you think you have the potential to change the future here is the chance.

Step with us, Stand up for a cause… !

A cause for the sake of humanity!

To plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow..!


The registerations have already begun!

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