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Quick Questions:

Do you…

  • Miss the greenery around you?
  • Love gardening but have been struggling with it?
  • Want to make your thumb greener?
  • Want to produce your own food?

If you find yourself answering yes for any of these questions then you are in the right place.

Here you can find all the resources for all the questions about greenery, get all your doubts cleared and get start to grow your favorite plants.

Why follow this blog?

Personally as the author and owner of this site. I myself wanted to get these questions answered and thought why not help others like me by sharing the best of practices?  And here I am trying to give all my knowledge on gardening and growing food.

Why the name Anybody Can Farm?

Personally I (Santhosh) am very much attracted and interested in agriculture. But like many of you I am too grew up in City and had very little exposure to it. So I started to do some rooftop gardening from very young age.

There were many times I wished that someone was there to help me out on my doubts and struggles in gardening. Once I got introduced to the internet, I was surprised about the fact that there were many foreign website for gardening but not many from India.

Even though they have great content, not many of the methods they follow suits for those of us in India. I thought of sharing it with all and then I had to select a name for the website. If someone who have no exposure to greenery then anyone can do it and as I thought to post only food plants at the beginning the name originated. That was the story of Anybody Can Farm.

Who is this Santhosh?

This is me!
Hi y’all! This is Me!

I am one of the many Engineers that our great nation has created. As you may have already known I love plants and have been gardening all of my life. My inspiration towards gardening is my mother who is used to gardening. I also love writing poems and even have won a contest(Yeah that is the bragging me). That is all there to know about me.

If you want to contact me, mail me at [email protected] or by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the left. Take a look through the site tell me what you think of it.

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You can also contact me to clarify your doubts. I am just growing in gardening. Let us grow together!