About Us

Hi There! You would wonder to know about us and here we go. This site is a small initiative to encourage the idea of farming among the mass. But as you may know farming is not a simple concept! So we thought about it a lot and came up with the idea of creating a site.

But then creating a site is easier than puting the right content in the right way for you! So we went on experimenting our posts in our Facebook page at first As Anybody Can Farm and learnt a lot sort of deal.  Now we are ready to our next step and went on with creating this website. This site is bilingual(We post both in English and in Tamil – Another thing from a year of experimentation) and we are thinking of expanding in future.

One may even think “My God! Why am I even reading this?”  But this is not our dream stops. Making Farming easier, Ways for organic farming, House Farming, City Farming, Geting all agricultural technologies in an easy language!, Making the farming ways of our Fore Fathers more modern and sophisticated, Education on Farming… these are some of the agenda that are right up on our way.  As our first initiative we are here to make farming more familiar among common folks thtough our posts(Series) like ‘How to Grow?’ , ‘How to Care?’ , ‘Know a plant!’ and we are sure that one day this is going to be what we dreamt of! 

We are sure that this site will be helpful to you! Any ideas or thoughts for our growth are welcomed. Let us practice farming as one, and let us make tomorrow as one!

They alone live who live by agriculture; all others lead a cringing, dependent life.

Let us know what you think...